Friday, February 19, 2016

Life is Art

Hello everyone! Today I have a new project featuring the hot new product, Distress Crayons! I got my hands on these bad boys yesterday and have been playing ever since. I even made a video. Let me repeat: I made a video! My first one! I'm super excited about it as I never thought that I was the kind of person who could figure out how to make a youtube video and have it look pretty good. Anyway, link after the photo:

I used one of my favorite Funny Bones stamps from Riley and Company called Life is Art, a TCW stencil, some really old bling and that's it. Easy peasy and super cute. Check out my video below for more details on the crayons. If you like my video please hit subscribe and/or like. You would really make my day!

I've got to get back to those crayons! Thanks for visiting!

Studio Red Art

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  1. Hi, I left you a comment on UTube. I am very curious about the Distress Crayons and appreciate any/all experimentation you can share. Jeanne